Le Daya Spa - Golf de Roquebrune Resort - Roquebrune sur Argens

The product penetrates skin as far as dermis and hypodermis rejuvinating skin cells. The skin regains its firmness, silkiness, fineness and radiance. It restructures skin tissues, revitalizes, repairs, refines facial features and boosts body tonicity. The combination of Electrolift biotechnology and organics serums will be the driving force behind your youth. Your youth Booster !

Face Treatments

Eyes intensif (20 min) 99€

Alternative à l'injection (30 min) 117€

Instant-Lift performance (40 min)  167€

Anti-aging Full sucess (50 min)  207€

Body Treatments

Soin anti-cellulite (45 min)   119€

Soin raffermissant (45 min)   119€

Soin jambes légères / rétention d'eau (45 min)   119€

Soin du buste (45 min)   119€

Soin des mains(45 min)   119€


Training skin lifting 590
Eyes intensif 20 Minutes
Alternative à l’injection 30 Minutes
Instant-lift performance 40 Minutes
Anti-aging full success 50 Minutes

Forfait cure 999€
8 séances - 7 soins achetés + 1 soin offert
4 alternatives à l’injection + 4 instants lift performance

Opening Time

Open March to November
Opening Hours 9.00am - 8.00pm