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The small fishing village to the seaside and cultural city known worldwide, Cannes has built a singular story, made of passion and timely meetings as in the most beautiful love stories. Beaches and magnify Croisette beachfront punctuated île de Lérins. Picturesque additions to its prestigious aura, le vieux port and Le Suquet invite you for a tasty trip into the past. The rich natural heritage is not back:le parc de la Croix des Gardes offers the best view of the bay of Cannes. Other sights in Cannes await you.

A few kilometers away, the city of Nice, capital of the French Riviera multifaceted, known for the Promenade des Anglais and its carnival captivate you by its beautiful panoramas. You will discover its cultural heritage with of course the old Nice, Ambassador of Sardinian architecture, palaces and castles of the purest baroque style, the concentration of museums and art galleries. But also sports activities, the shores of the Mediterranean to the national park ski resorts of Mercantour, Nice is an exceptional field of play and discovery.