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Provence is known for its exceptional terroir:

Wines of Provence: rosé wine was born in Provence!
At 2 minutes from the hotel, Château Vaudois welcome you for a wine tasting Côtes de Provence and Vin de Pays des Maures. Discover also the Marc de Provence.

Provence's first vineyards
Beginning in the 2nd century B.C., the Romans began settling the lands of the Ligurians, colonized four centuries earlier by the Phocaeans. They developed the first vineyards in the region and founded Provincia Romana (Provence). It was in these days that the military port of Fréjus was founded, along with the Forum Julii and the city of Aquae Sextiae (Aix-en-Provence). As the Roman Empire expanded, so did the growing number of vineyards in the conquered lands, including other regions of Gaul: the Rhone Valley, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Gascony and Bordeaux.

Provence Rosé
A true pleasure for the eyes with their beautiful salmon color, Provence Rosés are light, fruity, smooth, lively and aromatic. They offer savors you won't find anywhere else, and which are the perfect accompaniment for Provençal dishes: ratatouille, braised artichokes "à la barigoule", zucchini flowers, stuffed Provençal vegetables, sea bass with fennel, mullet filet with thyme and spices, aïoli, soup with pesto, anchoïade, bouillabaisse. They are also excellent with the salty tastes of sea urchins and sea figs, and go very well with sushi, Thai cooking, Tajines from Morocco and Indian curries.
They should be served at 8-10°C.

Olive oil
Sacred tree revered throughout Provence, the olive is one of the most typical elements of the landscape and culture of Provence. Also discover at Château Vaudois, the area has no less than 200 olive trees.

Provencal cooking
Dishes full of sun; vegetable tians, ratatouille, tapenade, ... Discover for most in our restaurant Le Z Restaurant during your stay.

The Perfumeries of Grasse
The world perfume capital’s activity is essentially turned towards international relations, which means that the thirty or so factories actually provide for a global market. From all over the world, raw materials are sent to Grasse to be treated.
That is why Grasse has succeeded in making its industry an art, combining luxury, refinement and quality in the products it creates or transforms. This art is perceptible when you visit a perfumery, by creating your own perfume during a workshop or just by strolling along the alleys in the historic centre.
The famous perfumeries are: Fragonard, Galimard, Molinard...

Local products
 A selection of Provence products is offered at Chateau Vaudois ...